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Service workers are a key element of PWA's. A service worker is a script that is run in the background by the browser. It sits between the PWA and the server. Depending on network availability, the service worker, acting as a proxy, will serve elements from its cache or will retrieve them over the network on the server. Service workers make it possible to use PWA's offline. Amongst other tasks, service workers are also responsible for push notification reception on your PWA.

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Your PWA is progressive. It will always deliver the best possible experience given the capabilities of the browser it's running on. The more modern the browser is, the better the experience

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Your PWA is built under the latest, stable version of Angular. Angular is a framework powered by Google. It supports PWA out of the box. It delivers app-like experiences in the web browser: high performance, offline, zero-step installation. Your PWA is compiled to generate a code highly optimized for today's Javascript virtual machines. By combining Server Side Rendering for SEO purposes and Client Side Rendering for quick display, offline functionality, and fluidity, EasiTech provides you with a very comprehensive isomorphic PWA.


Your PWA is powered by the next-generation of Angular Material UI Framework. Every interaction easitech builds; follows a unified modern style. The interface is clear, consistent, and built to work seamlessly across mobile, tablet and desktop. Material Design is a visual language invented by Google


Your PWA is served over HTTP/2. The latest and most powerful version of the http protocol. HTTP/2 supports header compression, intelligent packet streaming management, query multiplexing and priority. It accelerates page download and reduces latency.

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URL Slugs

The distribution model of your PWA is the link and the slug is the exact URL of a webpage. You can customize each slug of your PWA, making the URL of important pages SEO friendly. Since every page of your PWA has a dedicated slug, deep linking is easily possible with your PWA.


Service workers can perform very powerful operations on the user's browser. To ensure that this power is used for the good, it's only possible to register a service worker on a page served over https. All your PWA's pages are served over https by default. It guarantees that the service worker installed on the browser has not been tampered with. It also helps with your pages' SEO.

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